About us

We are digital creative agency

"Bazzy Corporation" – the term 'Bazzy' in this context signifies 'primary,' making our company not only leading but also pivotal in its field. Our history began over a decade ago when we actively participated in large-scale projects in the digital marketing realm for prominent companies such as McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Mars, Mercedes, and other corporate giants. Leveraging extensive experience and skills in the effective allocation of billions of dollars for advertising campaigns, we decided to establish our own company – 'BazzyCo Corporations.'

We rely on our unique competencies, and as a leading corporation of the future, we actively foster various business sectors under the unified banner of 'BazzyCo.' Our confidence and years of experience enable us to successfully shape the future of the corporate world.

On the other hand, as the 'BazzyCo' corporation, we take pride not only in our innovative and supernatural abilities but also strive for constant growth and development. Our distinctive business vision involves unconventional approaches, and high expertise allows us to stay ahead of the times. We are creating the future today, combining creativity, technological awareness, and exceptional execution in every aspect of our activities.

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