About us

'Bazzyco Real Estate' is an expert in the real estate industry, providing tailored solutions to customers. We have a team that is passionate about making our customers' dreams of home ownership come true and helping them make the most of their investments.

Gaining the trust of our customers and meeting their real estate needs in the best way with quality service and expertise. To always prioritize customer satisfaction by leading the changes in the industry.

  • Housing Sales
  • Commercial Real Estate Consultancy
  • Investment consulting
  • Real Estate Development Projects
  • BazzyCo Real Estate Buy-Sell &
  • BazzyCo Real Estate Buy-Sell &
  • BazzyCo Real Estate Buy-Sell &
  • BazzyCo Real Estate Buy-Sell &

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What types of real estate do you offer?

What is the process of acquiring a primary residence?

What documents are required for purchasing a secondary residence?

What are the expenses associated with purchasing real estate?

Can you assist with obtaining a mortgage?

How long does the entire purchasing process usually take?

Do you provide warranties on the construction quality of primary real estate?

What timelines can be set for mortgage loan consideration?

What services are included in the agency commission?

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